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We provide care that just makes sense.

Care Practice is an intuitive clinic for patients who know that when they are told that a clinic accepts their insurance, it rarely means they will ultimately escape all the hidden cost built into the system. For those of you who are increasingly aware that "covered" rarely translates when interacting with our current health care system, Care Practice is the perfect practice. Care Practice was founded in 2008 during the global recession and built to be as simple and transparent with no hidden costs or headaches. The way we do that has been to operate unburdened by insurance companies as a fee-for-service operation. This means that you pay at the time of service and we give you the forms to submit to your insurance where out of network plans often cover up to 80% of the costs. We are also able to complete the insurance claim for you at a nominal fee of $10.

Wait...why don't we take insurance?

The real question is: why would we take insurance?

The Struggle of Practicing Medicine in 2016

The goal of this site is to engage healthcare professionals around the country and facilitate new ways of communicating through new uses of available online content. With attention spans shrinking to 140 characters or less, it seems few are reading business websites these days beyond getting the number and making a frustrated call. Our walk-ins are way up and we specifically request people don’t walk in. Currently, we are in the process of moving to all-digital processes and requiring online appointments. This doesn’t fit everyone, but it is necessary for us, or we ran the risk of turning into San Francisco’s helpline. We understand that patients are frustrated by limited and confusing choices. Data found on Google is frequently outdated and inaccurate, increasing patient’s frustrations. Messaging via text or social media platforms are becoming the dominant form of communication, while phone calls are becoming a thing of the past.

Lately, I have been telling patients that the small shop owner who greets me as ‘friend’ when I come in each week feels like one of my closer relationships in San Francisco. The response I get invariably from my patients, “Ah! For me, It’s my barista."

Dr. Blackledge

What People Are Saying About Care Practice

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    Today, I was able to schedule an appointment online when I woke up with worsening cough and sinus symptoms. I was seen today (Sunday), no waiting, and had a thorough exam and treatment plan.


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    I didn’t have a primary care doctor, so I made an appointment with Dr. Blackledge. He asked a few questions and sleuth-ed to the root of my problem. 24 hours later, I am totally cured.

    Khash C.

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    They were also able to get me in on a weekend and have me scheduled in within an hour. The receptionist is also very friendly!

    Tony L.

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    I really enjoyed the visit. The doctor was great, the receptionist was great. I was in and out with my medicine in less than 30 minutes.

    Rebekah T.

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    I enjoyed the transparency of costs and it was so much more affordable than other care options.

    Erica O.

the care we offer

We don't take insurance.

Care Practice is a fee-for-service clinic. That means you pay for care at the time of service. We will provide you with superbills you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement (or we can do it for a nominal $10 fee), but we do not know what they will or will not reimburse. That is a mystery to all of us.

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