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Primary and Urgent Care in San Francisco

Primary Care Services:

Urgent Care Services*:

  • Minor Injuries
  • Acute Illnesses
  • Acute Infections

Tests we offer:

  • Rapid Strep ($55)
  • Influenza, Rapid ($55)
  • Urinalysis ($35)
  • Pregnancy - urine ($30)
  • Hemooccult ($45)
  • Drug Screen - oral ($55 / $75)

How is Care Practice's Urgent Care different than other practices in the area?

At Care Practice, we are dedicated to serving the community through personalized and timely medical visits. We do this by limiting the number of patients we schedule each day and making sure our doctors are accessible for follow up needs. We do our best to organize the day with the goal of limiting wait times as much as possible with patients waiting (on average) less than 20 minutes for most visits.

Since we opened we have discouraged walk-in patients as we may be attending other patients. The growing on demand everything movement has unfortunately led to rapidly decreasing attention spans where few read the rules and patients that exhibit rude or impatient attitudes are not welcome in our clinic. Patients who cancel their Lyfts because when more than 5 minutes away are probably not good fits for our clinic since they won't appreciate the extra efforts to make your care special.

Of course whenever possible we will try and work walk-in patients into our schedule. But if you are reading this, just make an appointment because doesn't it just make sense to do so?

Our History...

Our Adult and Pediatric San Francisco Acute Care Clinic was the original focus of Care Practice when we opened in 2008 in Mission Dolores next door to Mission Beach Cafe. For several years we were a 365 day a year clinic, but will now transition to a reduced schedule of 4 days a week to allow more time for our growing focus on research and clinical trials. As our research has increasingly focused on addiction medicine in the middle of an epidemic we feel the impact of our work is better suited to these endeavors.

We continue to be dedicated to a holistic approach that nurtures fractured doctor-patient relationships, but will no longer be an on demand whenever you want it facility. We remain committed to transparency and affordability, but with several other Urgent Care Clinics opening within blocks of our location we can no longer support the current mess of online options that leaves consumers confused and frustrated. It also seemed pointless to compete with clinics able to lose money in a bubble mentality dominating San Francisco currently.

We plan on maintaining our exceptional urgent care capabilities and intuitive approaches to medicine, and may expand again in the future when the others run out of money and realize $99 house calls are not based in reality.

Our focus on care not insurance remains unchanged. Our overhead is reduced by not dealing directly with medical insurance and we pass these savings on to patients by offering timely medical visits at affordable prices. The goal is to put the patient first in every interaction and deliver concierge-like care to a community without charging a large retainer fee. Essentially getting much the same care that Dr. Blackledge delivered when he worked in a concierge model with yearly membership fees over 10K per person.