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our story

Care Practice is an intuitive clinic for patients who know that when they are told that a clinic accepts their insurance, it rarely means they will ultimately escape all the hidden cost built into the system.

These begin with visit co-pays of $50 or $100 for some urgent care centers (large deductibles have become a common part of most insurance plans). To add insult to injury, insurance companies often don't cover fees until a patient's deductible has been reached and those inflated prices arrive in the mail as a bill months after a patients has their appointment.

For those of you who are increasingly aware that "covered" rarely translates when interacting with our current health care system, Care Practice is the perfect practice. Our clinic is for patients who have figured out that the information on your insurance card is unintelligible to most humans and sadly conjured in a way meant to confuse and limit access to services your insurance company covers. If reading the words walk-in clinic on a website sounds to you like an antiquated approach to access delivered through long lines then a clinic like ours might be what you are after. Would you go to a stylist or massage appointment not using an online appointment system that distributes patients intuitively? We are a practice for patients who know that having one of the top doctors at UCSF or CPMC doesn't mean you will be able to actually see that doctor unless they book the appointment weeks in advance.

Care Practice was founded in 2008 during the global recession and built to be as simple and transparent with no hidden costs or headaches. The way we do that has been to operate unburdened by insurance companies as a fee-for-service operation. This means that you pay at the time of service and we give you the forms to submit to your insurance where out of network plans often cover up to 80% of the costs. We are also able to complete the insurance claim for you at a nominal fee of $10.