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reality check
(from the host of simulation #508)

Just in case your super San Francisco ultra-connected, uber-everywhere life is starting to stress you out a bit too much, we've compiled a series of important videos to help ground you. Check them out.

superwoman is here to Confirm your suspicions about technology

What if we unearthed an ancient text that showed indisputably that we are all family descended from one tribe?

There is and it's called DNA.

Think about what you're doing and be present

When our friendships are becoming virtual and more like data streams it is easy to miss the big things in those we care about.

try going out at 1:30 sober

In this pill and drug culture we have created, I recommend to everyone to go out at 1:30 AM and meet your friends to see what you look like. Because wasted looks pretty darn stupid when you are sober enough to remember.

Reduced to a catchphrase?

If you are reduced to catch phrases and trying to convince yourself that what your doing is important, it probably isn't.

meanwhile, if you're making tech for doctors...

Tech brethren, after all those billions in stimulus money was spent on adoption of EMR by doctors. The verdict is finally in and, well, I will just let Zubin Damania tell to you as only ZDoggMD can.

feel like you're hearing a lot of conspiracy theories?

As the news begins to sound like endless conspiracy theories, we wanted to share a way you can still stay current with your friends and enjoy it by turning it into comedy. All you have to do is place your perspective in the minds of the supposed conspirators, then plan out in great detail every aspect of the conspiracy.

and let's talk about the movie idiocracy...

And yes we know the movie Idiocracy got a remarkable number of things correctly. But the one thing it missed was it wasn’t DNA that has made us so dumb—it was knowledge. As Socrates said, "True knowledge is being aware that you know nothing."

Is the future we're headed toward really something to look forward to?

Elon's Million on Mars seems like a reach when humans can’t even last the duration of a Thanksgiving dinner together. Can you imagine a year long car ride with your family with no rest breaks?

Feel like you've heard the same "innovation" talk over and over again?

stressed? at least you can always sing about it.

And if...

You ever hear yourself saying things like: 'technology makes my life wonderful and so much easier', 'everyone is an entrepreneur', 'prices are the cheapest they have ever been', or 'production couldn't be any more efficient'. would ask you to close your eyes and reach around to the back of your head to make sure you are not connected to the Matrix as a human battery...