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Oxycodone Policy Letter

Much of the work we do at Care Practice is focused on helping people get off narcotics. We are one of the largest outpatient addiction treatment clinics using Suboxone in San Francisco. The two most frequent narcotics we help people get off of are Roxycodone and Heroin. As a group, we have decided (As of May 1st, 2014), that we will no longer be writing any new prescriptions for Roxycodone.

We understand that many people are using it with success and taking it appropriately. However, the design of the drug is such that about 80% of patients we have seen using it, run into major problems. Since the focus of our clinic is addiciton treatment, we no longer feel we are in good conscience to continue offering a treatment that has such a terrible track record for getting people into problems.

We will now only be using other options that are less risky for patients to develop dependency and tolerance.

- Dr. Aaron Blackledge, MD

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