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complexity & Confusion

It is hard to miss the pattern of selling carefully worded notions on glossy pamphlets while the truth lies hidden in pages of unfamiliar terms written in a font size of 6. Are you familiar with the terms; EOB, PPO, HMO, deductible, out of network service, copayment, preferred, nonpreferred, eligible, percentage of plan allowance, excluded service, spending account, prior authorization, brand name, specialty drug, HSA, FSA, required, pre-approved, preferred provider, in network, preventive care, and generic to name a few? Each layer of complexity seems intended to hide additional fees that when added together can really add up to a lot of money.

Imagine if booking a trip with an airline used the same approach that health care takes?

We urge everyone to study the details of their plan before getting sick, because simply going where you are told to by your carrier will costs you in time and money.