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question everything

It’s okay to ask questions in health care.

The non-intuitive health care system has trained too many patients to either view doctors as script writing robots that are an annoying barriers to getting what they know they want before their appointment or the other extreme of passive patients that completely defer to a doctor’s rushed expertise and judgement.

At Care Practice, we are looking for a different kind of patient—one that asks questions. The art of medicine is not an algorithm, but a creative collaboration between patient and physician.

Are you really getting the best care at an affordable price when you go where you are told to go by your insurance company? Does looking at your insurance card make you confused? Have you ever called your “help” line and received helpful information?

Do you always do what you are told?

Read more stories about how know insurance really works... or rather, works against you. Find out what Care Practice patients already know—that you have alternative choices, even if they don’t make them easy to access, find, and understand.