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should i even use my insurance?

Is using my insurance always the best option? This will be in the box you click to get to this page. Below is how it should start.

Frequently the answer is often a resounding no, especially when comparing it to the experience using a place like Care Practice. A clinic beloved by the most savvy of patients looking for exceptional value that extends even beyond the clinic visit.

Are you really getting the best care at an affordable price when you go where you are told they take your insurance?

The doctor or facility contracted by your carrier isn’t necessarily the best option in all cases. You have choices, even if they don’t make it easy to understand or find.

At Care Practice, we are experts in avoiding hidden fees and understand how to navigate the system efficiently at the same time. It is a skill that grew from necessity as we have always had a large group of uninsured patients over the years. We estimate that almost 75% of our new patients save at least an hour off the time they would have spent if they had used their insurance directly. As a result, this has made Care Practice one of the best kept secrets to saving time and money.

We are what is called a Direct Primary Care clinic that asks patients to pay at the time of service. We provide a superbill and forms that allow you to submit to insurance later. PPOs often cover a percentage of our out of network fees. X-rays and labs can still be billed directly to insurance when done at Care Practice or ordered from one staff.

Negotiated lower fees in exchange for funneling patients looks more like a price club than insurance. Unfortunately the goal is often saving costs rather than delivering quality care.