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About Ian

Ian does healing body work. Combining multiple modalities, Ian is able to troubleshoot the root cause of an injury or pain and make adjustments to the body that relieves pain and changes the relationship to the injury.

Ian may prescribe tweaks and changes in your life—like how you move or how you sit—that will lessen the likelihood of the injury and pain returning. Ian’s holistic approach, involving many different modalities, gives him a wide range of tools to apply towards his patients' unique aches and pains.

Ian was born and raised in the inner-city of Los Angeles, California. He played a lot of sports, where he received football-related injuries of all kinds. This is when he learned a lot about the human body, how it worked, and eventually, how he wanted to help others overcome their own pain from their injuries.

Personal Interests

Ian has enjoyed discovering new food ever since he was young and helping out in his dad's restaurant. Ultimately, food and travel are his favorite things to do, outside of training in bodywork therapies to help others.


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508 A 14th Street
San Francisco, CA 94013
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