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Frustrating Technology

I am having difficulty recalling days where technology didn’t frustrate me more than it was made my life easier on any given day. Instead I am getting a nagging feeling that technology is responsible for most of the unexpected or unintended failures that I expected or maybe even relied on technology to resolve. You don’t hear a lot of this talk in the media, but within the walls of Care Practice, it is a daily topic that comes up amongst our patients. With our fingers literally on the pulse of tech founders, CEOs and lead engineers of startups in Silicon Valley, it feels like we’re at a tipping point and that it will be a topic that will gains a lot of attention in the very near future.

As everyone has moved toward new modes of communication, Doctors seem to be one of the last groups stuck using phone calls and email to communicate. As health system raced to keep patients they forced doctors into email communication and posted thousands of provider email addresses online where bots scrapped the internet for email addresses to bombard with junk mail. Frustrated by the lack of options for his practice, Dr. Blackledge and several patients did what one does in San Francisco and co-founded a software company in 2015 called Orchestra One. Orchestra raised a seed round with top venture funds including; Benchmark, Lowercase capital, 500 Startups, Accomplis. Reid Hoffman as well as a former NBA lottery pick all participating. Many of those investors can be found in this New York Times article.