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program costs

We charge a flat rate of $399 to begin all our outpatient treatment programs. The process is fairly straightforward in most cases. Our doctors are available after hours to answer your questions during this initial process. As primary care doctors, we are also happy to include minor medical management of other common conditions when appropriate at limited costs. We require an upfront deposit of $50 or credit card number to reserve your appointment which can be deducted from the initial visit. Unfortunately, we had to add this deposit due to a high no-show rate.

1. Buprenorphine / Suboxone Program: Induction and stabilization onto the medication costs $399, then regular monthly visits occur at a rate of $165.

2. Methadone Conversion to Buprenorphine: We can usually accomplish this within just a few days. It requires one extra visit in the first week of treatment that costs $165 (on top of the $399 start fee).

3. Vivitrol/ Naltrexone Program: Alcohol treatment or opiate maintenance treatment begins with an initial visit where we usually begin patients on oral Naltrexone pills. If necessary, vivitrol injections are started shortly after at a cost of $785, which are generally covered by insurance. Ongoing monthly visits (once you've arranged with your insurance company to continue these shots) are $165 plus a processing fee for the shot of $35.

I'm dubious of doctors treating my addiction to prescription medications with another prescription. Am I not just replacing one pill for another?

We feel you. Read more about our own misgivings here to better understand our unique approach.

Induction and Stabilization on Suboxone: $399

Monthly follow-up visit and refill: $165